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Dear Dogster Member, August 17, 2010
Dog Aggression Triggers
Keeping Canine Peepers Crystal Clear

Sheba and Tiki, the senior pups that live with our new doggie lifestyle columnist Julia Szabo, often get compliments on their beautiful eyes, which are impressively clear and free of the heavy cloud cover that is quite common in our older canine friends. Their secret? A daily dose of milk thistle, a powerful antioxidant known to support healthy liver function and eye health.

Learn more about how milk thistle helps dogs ››

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Dealing with Unscooped Poop

The 10 Most Popular Small DogsOne town is so fed up with unscooped dog poop that it's resorting to a most unusual tactic: spray-painting it bright green to shock owners into picking up after their dogs. Creative or crazy? Let us know.

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