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Dear Dogster Member, July 20, 2010
Preventing House Fires
Preventing House Fires

Last week we celebrated National Pet Fire Safety Day on Dogster. For those who missed it, the National Fire Protection Association informed us that pets cause some 1,000 house fires every year. Most of these flames could have been avoided had simple preventative measures, such as flameless candles and stove knob covers, been taken.

Get the lowdown on keeping your pets and home safe ››

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PedigreeFor each new Facebook fan, PEDIGREE® Brand will donate a bowl of food to shelter dogs* Become a fan now!
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FrontlineUpload a photo of your pet doing something fun outside and you will be entered to win some great prizes including a year's supply of FRONTLINE Plus and an Apple® iPad™ Enter Now!

Responsible Breeders: Diamonds in the Ruff

Responsible Breeders: Diamonds in the RuffOur behavior and training columnist Casey Lomonaco lets us into her search for a reputable breeder and schools us on red flags encountered along the way. Learn how to tell a good breeder from a bad one ››

Short-Faced Dogs at Risk on Airplanes?

Short-Faced Dogs at Risk on Airplanes?Short-faced breeds account for about half of the dogs who died while traveling in the cargo hold over the last five years, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Learn More ››

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