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Dogster Community Newsletter

July 9, 2010

Show Us the Best of Dogster

Every day, Dogster attracts thousands of visitors seeking information and support and the Dogster Community has always been there to offer them help and guidance. Every Answer and Forum post has comments and advice from you!

We're rounding up the very best of the Dogster community's advice and want to know: was there an Answer or Forum post from another member that made a difference to you? Post a link to your favorite Answer or post in this Forum thread - and the first 20 to do so will receive 25 Zealies!


Group We Love: A Better Life

A Better Life

The Better Life group is dedicated to everypaw's total health. Drop by to exchange tips, advice and information about training, health and nutrition, rescue, adoption and more. Visit A Better Life »

Give Somepaw an Answer Today!

Dogster AnswersMany new dog owners drop by the Dogster Answers section every day seeking advice from our most knowledgeable veteran doggies. Help a fellow fur out by taking some time out of your busy schedule (which we know consists of running your person's house, barking at strange sounds and taking very important naps) to share your expertise. To the Answers section! »

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