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Dear Dogster Member, June 8, 2010
Curbing Common Behavior Problems
Curbing Common Behavior Problems

When your peaceful home is turned inside-out by your pet's bad behavior, it's not time to get frustrated. You may ask why they didn't cover digging in obedience class, or excessive barking for that matter. The next time your pup leaves holes in the yard, instead of getting angry, put on your detective hat and sniff out the possible causes of your dog's poor behavior.

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FREE bag of Royal Canin® Pug 25™

Royal Canin Pug 25Hey Pug owners! Join The Royal Canin® Pug Group on Dogster and receive a coupon for a free bag of Royal Canin® Pug 25™. Click here for coupon and offer details!

A Concert Just for Dogs

A Concert Just for DogsHow's this for a great idea? Some 1,000 dogs recently enjoyed a 20-minute concert at the Sydney Opera House. The music was written and performed especially for canines, who heard notes their owners could not. Check out this video ››

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