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Dear Dogster Member, May 11, 2010
Your Dog, Decoded
Your Dog, Decoded

Have you ever wondered why your dog makes those strange muttering sounds at the dinner table? Or why he lays his ears back when meeting a stranger? Dogs speak to us, but in a different language. Unfortunately, there's no Rosetta Stone DVD to help us learn dog speak, and instead we must analyze it ourselves.

What those sounds and gestures mean ››

Sweep It All.

Swiffer Sweeper VacThe new Swiffer SweeperVac cleans messes big and small in one powerful step. It gets dog food with its vacuum and pet hair with its dry cloth. Save $5 now! ››

Feel Good About What Your Dog Eats and SAVE 15%!

Three Dog Bakery Game!Go all natural and SAVE 15% on your order at enter coupon code DOGSTER at checkout! Click here! ››

Mysterious Mutt Hasn't Missed a Riot in Years

Mysterious Mutt Hasn't Missed a Riot in Years The same stray pooch has appeared in press photos at every major Greek demonstration over the last two years. See photos of this rebel dog in action ››

Fast Facts About Puppy Mills

Backyard BreedersPart of being a good dog owner is being a responsible pet buyer or adopter. Do your homework and never inadvertently purchase a puppy mill dog. Here's why ››

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