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Dear Dogster Member, March 30, 2010
Some Bunny Loves You!
Some Bunny Loves You!

Spring has sprung and the Easter Bunny has been busy hopping around Dogster and leaving special presents on every pet page in sight. Curious to see what he left your pup?

Go to your pet's page to find out ››

P.S. Don't see the gift on your dog's profile? Give your pet a treat to refresh the page!

The Nutro Company Wants to Hear from You!

Nutro NaturalThe Nutro Company cares about pets and your opinions. We are dedicated to innovation and quality in natural pet foods. Your voice counts! Please share your opinions with us today. ››

Win a Free Invisible Fence® Brand Solution

Invisible FenceFor the last 35 years, Invisible FenceĀ® Brand has been keeping dogs and cats safe at home by providing pet owners with trusted technology, proven training procedures - and total peace of mind. Click here to enter the Win-A-Fence Sweepstakes. ››

Join Dogster's Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

Join Dogster's Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!The Dogster Dog wasn't about to be left out of the springtime festivities, so he hid 20 Easter Eggs around the site! Be the first to collect all the eggs to win a prize. Learn more ››

10 Odd Ways Dogs Get Around

10 Odd Ways Dogs Get Around Not all dogs get around by riding in cars or walking on their own four paws. Check out these 10 oddball ways some dogs get from Point A to Point B: We're talking tandem parachutes and bicycles ››

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