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Dear Dogster Member, February 16, 2010
Strike a Chord with Your Dog
Strike a Chord with Your Dog

Can music soothe the not-so-savage beast? Lisa Spector, the concert pianist featured in the Through a Dog's Ear series, says certain kinds of music can surely do the trick and help dogs with separation anxiety, sound phobias, nervousness, excitement with visitors and more. Read the exclusive Dogster interview with Lisa and download some free tracks to see how your pup takes to music crafted with dogs in mind.

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Happy Ending for Dog Rescued
from Ice

BalticBaltic, the Polish dog who clung to an ice floe that took him on a harrowing journey into the Baltic Sea, is heading back to sea. This time his accommodations will be far more comfortable than chunks of ice ››.

Foods and Plants that are Poisonous to Dogs

Foods and Plants Poisonous to DogsThe seasoned dog owner knows that not everything can be planned for. But it is possible to plan ahead for a very serious and common emergency — poisonous household hazards for dogs ››

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