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Dogster Community Newsletter

February 5, 2010

Welcome to Dogster's Community Woof!

Hello Dogsters and a warm fuzzy welcome to our brand new monthly community newsletter, lovingly assembled by the pawple for the pawple! Here we will round up our favorite not-to-be-missed pet pages, groups and discussions, give you a heads-up on best deals for Dogsters, and highlight the pawesomest activities going on around the site. Since this is our inaugural issue and only a few of you are receiving it, we're counting on you to get the word out - so please forward the Community Woof to fellow Dogsters who may have missed it and let them know that they can subscribe to the newsletter by following these simple steps »

Thank you for loving Dogster! We love you big.

~Your furiends at HQ


Join Yappy Hour's
Valentine's Contest!

Do you like decorating your pet page for the holidays? How about winning rosettes and stars? If so, you'll love Yappy Hour's Valentine's Day contest, which is open to all Dogsters (and Catsters too)! Get busy jazzing up your page with hearts, roses and glitter through Saturday, February 6th to be considered, and leave a comment at the bottom of this thread to let the organizers know you're participating! Join the fun »

New Gift: The Secret Admirer

The Scret AdmirerIs there some pup out there you're secretly crushing on? Make a statement with our latest animated gift, the secret admirer, now available with the rest of the Valentine's Day goodies at the Dogster Gift Shop. Spread some love »

Write a Love Poem and
Win a Fancy Dog Bed

Write a Love PoemHow are your poetry skills, Dogsters? Write a short love poem for your human and get the chance to win a sleek, hip Neko Habitat dog bed (retail value: $235) from Dogster's For the Love of Dog Blog! The contest ends Wednesday, February 10. Wax poetic now »

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