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Dear Dogster Member, January 19, 2010
The Five Most Common Canine Physical Ailments
The Five Most Common Canine Physical Ailments

In 2008, pet health insurance provider VPI analyzed its clients' medical claims and released a list of the most common health problems in dogs. It is recommended that you jot down these health concerns and bring them with you to veterinary appointments so you can quiz your vet on symptoms to look out for.

Ear infections topped the list. See what else made the cut ››

Wellness® Natural Pet Food

Wellness Natural Pet FoodAuthentic, balanced ingredients for dogs and cats. We're improving their diets. And their lives. True Wellness® begins here!
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Top Dogs for People with Allergies

Top Dogs for People with AllergiesIf your allergies are not enough to keep you from having a pet, there are always breeds that tend to produce relatively low-allergen dogs.
Browse the list ››

Dogs Beat Cats Yet Again

Dogs Beat Cats Yet AgainAccording to a new survey by the Associated Press, dogs are WAY more pawpular than cats!
Don't look so surprised ››

What's Your Dog's Worst Habit?

What's Your Dog's Worst Habit? Is your dog more likely to slobber everywhere or chew on everything in sight? Most Dogsters say barking is their pet's least desirable trait.
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