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Dear Dogster Member, January 12, 2010
The Mystery Pup and His Mystery Person
The Mystery Pup and His Mystery Person

One little rascal of a dachshund made an appearance in more than a dozen paintings by a certain world-famous artist. This four-pawed muse was also the only dog that was ever allowed to sit on the artist's lap or eat off his plate. Have you figured it out yet?

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Winter Paw Care Tips

Winter Paw Care TipsWinter can be a tough time for your dog's paw pads. Prevent winter weather-related paw pad injuries by following some basic dog paw care tips.

That Darn Diggity Dog

That Darn Diggity DogOne man returned from work to find his dog playing with a muddy metal object. Upon further inspection, he realized it was a hand grenade! What's the strangest thing your dog has dug up?

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