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Dear Dogster Member, December 14, 2009
Happy Howlidays, Dogsters! Happy Howlidays, Dogsters!

It's that time of year again, and Santa Paws and his team of fuzzy little elves have been busy visiting each and every Dogster pet page to drop off a very special holiday gift. You've all been so very good all year 'round!

Go to your pup's profile page to see the gift ››

P.S. - Don't see our gift on your pet's profile? Give your pet a treat to refresh the page!

2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner: Try It For Free

Happytails' Bubbles n' BeadsHappytails' Bubbles n' Beads releases healing ingredients right on the skin to alleviate itching and flaking.
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What If Pets Ruled the Holiday Season?

What if Pets Ruled the Holiday SeasonDescribe the perfect holiday season from your pet's point of view, and you could win prizes valued over $4,000!
Enter Contest Now! ››

DOG DEAL OF THE WEEK! 30% Off Pet Stockings
Frame your pet's photo in one of the ASPCA's special holiday stockings. Was $14.99, Now $10.49, a savings of $4.50.
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