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Dear Dogster Member, December 8, 2009
Do Dog People Get More Exercise Than Gym People?
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Do Dog People Get More Exercise Than Gym People?

A new survey says there's no doubt about it: people who have dogs and walk them regularly get more exercise than the average gym member. The study, which quizzed 5,000 people, found that many dog owners walk their best friends a whopping eight hours a week! Those without dogs averaged 80 minutes a week at the gym, jogging, or walking. Does your dog keep you fit?

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Should Michael Vick Get a Second Chance?

Should Michael Vick Get a Second Chance?Michael Vick is dying to be a dog daddy again. Only this time, he promises not to hang, electrocute or beat his dogs to death. Some animal advocates have pretty much forgiven him – should you?
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Vote for the Best in Show

Vote for the Best in ShowThe World's Coolest Dog Show is coming to a close. Vote for your favorite finalist by Tuesday, December 15!
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Does Your Dog Mount Stuffed Animals?

Does Your Dog Mount Stuffed Animals? Before correcting your dog, a trip to the vet may be in order. Urinary tract infections often lead to this behavior, so ruling out the medical issue is vital to your dog's overall well-being.

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DOG DEAL OF THE WEEK! Win $1000 with Your Best Dog Trick
Dog owners who submit a short video of their best dog trick via the Zoom Room's Facebook Page get the chance to win $1,000 plus a collection of toys. Click here for more info.

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