July Woof! This Issue: Bark the Vote, Dogku - Haiku and Free Stickers!

July 12, 2006
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Dear Dogster Member,

Savory Dogs: Bark the Vote!

Woof woof!

It's official. The Dog Days of Summer are here! We're loving it! Are you? We've been playing at the park, swimming in the lakes and barking at the thunderstorms! Roooooo!

Bark the Vote... for the next Savory Dog Poster Pooch!
From the thousands of entries, the four finalists have been selected and now it's your turn to raise your paw and vote for the next Savory Dog poster pooch. Which handsome hound will be featured on the label of Savory Dog's newest flavor debuting this September? It's up to you! And get this - you might win a bottle of Savory Dog - Pet Food Seasoning just for voting. So don't be lackadogsicle and let your bark be heard!

We Loves Dogster? Who Loves Dogster? You do!
We just celebrated first anniversary of the launch of DogsterPlus, our super fun subscription service for Dogster power users. When we first went live with Plus we had no idea how many tails would wag... after only a year we have almost 5,000 pooches in the Plus pack! Here's a big paw-clapping cheer of thanks! For those who still wanna get in on the fun, VPI Pet insurance is giving a $250 gift basket to one lucky new Plus subscriber this month.

What's on Your Dog's Mind?
You know your dog's favorite treats and hiding places, but do you know how to interpret his or her emotions and motivations? For an insightful glimpse into the thought process of your pooch, read Animals in Translation which was recently featured on ABC News' Primetime Live. And get this - dog lovers of all ages can save up to 35% on this book and many more from our friends at Harcourt Publishing.

Adopt '06 Stroll
Dogster Lucia started a stroll to celebrate adoption that we think is just grrrrrrrific! Tag a photo of your choice with "Adopt 06" to be added to the stroll. Adopted dogs and dogs that support adoption are all welcome. Lucia has arranged for some furbulous prizes for the winners that she will select including bones and rosettes, a user-donated DogsterPlus membership and a Dogster t-shirt!

Dogster Member Exclusive - Win a Free T-shirt from Petaroo!
Exclusive offer to Dogster Members - Receive a free Petaroo t-shirt plus free shipping with every order of $50 or more. Petaroo offers a petacular selection of products for all your pet's needs. Check-out their pet-pedic beds, toys, crates & carriers. Now that's something to woof about!

New & Improved Dogster T-shirts & Store
For the Love of Dog! Check out the new and improved Dogster Store! What a gorgeous bunch of models - the humans aren't so bad either ;) On top of the great new photos, there's a new brown women's t-shirt and a new 3/4 sleeve blue & white women's baseball t-shirt. Get one today and woof your love of Dogster love all over town!

Easy Brush: The Chew-It-Yourself Toothbrush
Your dog's health depends on his dental health. The Easy Brush is the easy and effective way to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy and clean. With Easy Brush, your dog actually brushes his own teeth! Click here for an Easy Brush discount coupon.

PetSmart Gift Card Days is here!
Get a Free $5 gift card by mail each time you buy select bags of over 100 varieties of pet food throughout the store. But Gift Card Days are only here for a limited time, so visit PetSmart today. A free PetSmart Gift Card - something you and your pet can both enjoy.

If it's selection you're looking for, there's no better place than PetSmart to find everything you need for healthy, happy pets. They have exclusive brands of premium and advanced nutrition dog and cat foods including most of your favorites. Plus, they have hundreds of collars and leashes, mountains of tasty treats and much more for every pet. Best of all, when you use your PetPerks savings card at PetSmart, you can enjoy big savings every day on hundreds of items.

New! Dogster Neighborhood

Dogster Neighborhood is where pet-friendly companies and service providers can promote their businesses in their locality. Vets, stores, groomers, walkers, sitters, behavioralists, kennels, photographers, painters, you name it! With Dogster Neighborhood you can share your message in our newsletter with just the Dogsters in your area. Learn more about our new neighborhood program!

>>Want to contact pet-lovers in your area?
Share your message with just the Dogsters near you. Cost-effective and Dogster approved!

Got Haiku?

Virtual dog park,
Slobbering love and pup pals,
Nothing else like it

Dogster is looking for some expert Dogku - errrr Haiku - writers to write some Haikus about Dogster! For those who need a refresher, a haiku is 3 line poem with a 5-7-5 phonetic syllable pattern. We'll place the favorites on a special Dogster Haiku page next month with links back to your pups. Enter yours now!

Still Giving Away Free Stickers!
Want to strut your Dogster pride with a Dogster sticker? In appreciation to our members - the best dog-gone dog community in the whole woofy world - we are giving away free Dogster stickers! Send a SASE to: Dogster HQ, Attn: Dogster Stickers, 555 DeHaro Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 and we'll woof one right back to you! We won't stop until everyone has one :)

From the Dogster Community...
We wanted to share this grrrrrrrrreat note that we received from Pawlie, the Grand Prize winner of a new digital camera in the Dogster Scavenger Hunt.

My mom and I are sooooo excited to have won the Scavenger Hunt! Thank you Dogster! Also thank you to all the wonderful people who have sent us Rosettes, Pup Pal requests, and messages! They mean so much to me and my mommy!!

Believe me...the camera that my mom has won will be very appreciated and used a LOT. She looooves nothing more than to take tons of pictures of her babies. She is also on the Board of Directors for our local shelter (where she adopted me from!) and one of the things she does to volunteer is to photograph pictures of the adoptable animals to put up on Petfinder.com! So this new camera will also assist in helping homeless animals find their forever homes! Yay! You can't beat that!!

Thanks again Dogster and all our wonderful new Pup Pals!!!

We always love hearing how Dogster has affected you, our furtastic community, and your animals - keep the stories pouring in to Randi [at] Dogster [dot] com.

May all animals be happy and safe,
Ted, John, Steven & Dogster HQ
Dogster, for the love of dog!

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