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Dear Dogster Member, September 28, 2009
Get the Most Out of Your Dog Videos Get the Most Out of Your Dog Videos

Want to be able to show your friends and family members top notch videos of Rover? We've collected a few great tips covering what it takes to put together entertaining and memorable clips of your dogs. Once you've brushed up on PetVideo 101, you can enter your cute video in our October video contest.

Read the video tips and enter the contest ››

A Dogster Dog Pens His First Book

Bad to the BoneBad to the Bone, the first book by Bo Hoefinger, the canine author of our For the Love of Dog Blog, can now be ordered! This hilarious memoir is truly the bark of the town!
Order your copy today!

October is Adopt-A-Dog Month

Adopt this adorable dog SassyOctober is just a couple days away, and since it's American Humane's Adopt-A-Dog Month, there's no better time to start thinking about bringing an adopted pooch into the family.
Pay a visit to the Adoption Center ››

DOG DEAL OF THE WEEK! Free Sweet Spots Ice Cream Dog Treats with Purchase
Get a coupon for a FREE carton of new Sweet Spots dog treats (when you purchase any holistic Nature's Variety diet) by registering. Click here for more info

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