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Dear Dogster Member, September 14, 2009
How to Tell the Signs of Ringworm How to Tell the Signs of Ringworm

We've all heard of it and we know that it's not something that we want our dogs to get: ringworm. But what exactly is it and how can we tell if our best friends are infected or not? Our own Dr. Eric Barchas breaks it down for you once and for all - what it is, how it is spread, and what the symptoms are.

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Introducing Eukanuba with Prebiotics

EukanubaThe natural Prebiotic, FOS, works in the digestive tract to help promote your dog's strong defenses.
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Swiffer® Sweeper Wet

Swiffer Sweeper Wet ClothsGet a deep clean with pet cleaning solutions from Swiffer®. New Swiffer Sweeper Wet Cloths clean better than a mop.
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Learn to Create Fun Pet Pix!

Learn to Create Fun Pet PixDo you want to know how to edit your pictures of Fido to make them more fun and exciting? Then stop on by School Fur Graphics let the education begin!
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Is Your Dog to Dye For?

Dyed Chinese CrestedA green Poodle? A blue Maltese? Every now and then you see it: a dog scampering around with rather unnatural hair color. So the question is: would you dye your dog's fur?
Click here and let us know ››

DOG DEAL OF THE WEEK! Save 65% on Ant-Free Pet Bowl
The Ant-Free Pet Bowl ensures that your pet's food will stay ant-free! Was $16.99, now $5.99, while supplies last. Click here to get the deal!

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