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Dear Dogster Member, August 4, 2009
Dogster's Two-Part Bathing Tips Dogster's Two-Part Bathing Tips

Are you putting off the bath that your pooch so desperately needs? Have no fear, bathing help is here! Don't worry - even if your dog was not introduced to the bathing process during puppyhood, the experience can still be an enjoyable one. Our two-part series on bathing your dog contains the tips you need to lather up Fido and unleash his shiny coat once again!

Great bathing tips start here! ››

A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog

JardenThis summer you can save up to $17 on dog grooming products. Visit for valuable savings offers.
Click here for savings ››

Dogs Don't Brush Their Teeth...

Dogs Don't Brush Their Teeth...but they do make us laugh as they show what they can and can't do in the new book by Diane deGroat and Shelley Rotner!
Watch the book trailer here! ››

Pet Insurance 101: Deductibles

TrupanionPer incident deductible? Per condition deductible? Does pet insurance lingo leave your head spinning? Our Pet Insurance and Health Care Blog breaks it all down so that you can see straight again.
Learn about deductibles now ››

Dogster Water Dogs!

Dogster Water DogsOur dogs do some grrreat things in and around water and we've got over 300 member-submitted videos to prove it! The splishing and splashing is sure to leave you all washed up!
Dive on in to Dogster Video ››

Together Tag: Peace of Mind for Pet Lovers

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