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Dear Dogster Member, June 8, 2009
5 Staycation Tips from HQ  5 Staycation Tips from HQ

Not planning any vacations with your dog this year? Not sure what you're going to do to fill the time? Don't let the economic crisis get you down - it's a perfect chance to get back to the basics and focus on some cool, fun and FREE things that you can do with your dog.

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Get the Dogster Browser

Get the Dogster BrowserWe've got a new Dogster-themed browser just waiting fur you to try out! No matter where you are on the Internet, you'll always be just a click away from our most pawpular Dogster features!
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Give Your Dog 5-Way Pest Protection

K9 AdvantixYou can't give your dog too much protection. Ask your veterinarian for K9 Advantix®. To learn more and get two free months' supply today with purchase, visit us on Dogster.
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Crunch 'n Clean™ Coupon Offer

Crunch 'n Clean™ Coupon OfferA breakthrough in dog and cat treats has arrived! New Hartz Crunch 'n Clean™ dog biscuits and cat treats with patented DentaShield® block tartar from forming for cleaner teeth..
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Pet Vacation Poll

Pet Vacation PollVacation or staycation? In this week's Dogster Poll, we want to know if you're going on vacation this summer. If you are, what are you planning on doing with your furry little friend?
Tell us about your pet's vacation plans ››

Together Tag: Peace of Mind for Pet Lovers

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