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Dear Dogster Member, May 11, 2009
Tick Removal 101 Tick Removal 101

It's that grrrreat time of year when our dogs are running around and playing outside, but there's nothing worse than getting that occasional tick. If you're absolutely sure that it's a tick and you're going to try to remove it yourself, you really have to know what you're doing. What's the best way to remove that little pest?

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Give Your Dog 5-Way Pest Protection

Bayer K9 AdvantixYou can't give your dog too much protection. Ask your veterinarian for K9 Advantix®. To learn more and get two free months' supply today with purchase, visit us on Dogster.
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The Fresh Way to Pick Up After
Your Dog

Waste Bags by BambooIt's the fresh way to pick up after your dog! Arm & Hammer® Waste Bags by Bamboo® are infused with baking soda and lavender to reduce odor! Attach to any leash, bag or belt loop!
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Ideal Weight? Enough Exercise?

Ideal Weight? Enough Exercise? Dogster member Sunny is concerned about his weight and is not sure if he's getting enough exercise, so he's asking about it in our Answers section. Maybe you have a tip for Sunny?
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When Allergies Are for the Dogs

When Allergies Are for the Dogs If your dog itches a lot or has a problem coat, it may be due to an allergic reaction to something in his or her environment. You can help your dog feel better by taking a few steps to isolate and treat that allergy.
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Is Your Dog Attention Hungry?

Is your dog attention hungry?Here's the situation: You've just returned from the dog park and Fido wants more. But you're tired. And you have work to do. But he looks at you with those eyes and lets you know he's got a lot of playing left to do… Sound familiar?
How much attention do dogs really need? ››

"A Flappy a Day in May" Contest!

A Flappy a Day in May Contest!Here's your chance to win a FREE Flappy Dog Toy! Loved by dogs of all sizes for its awesome in-your-face action, Flappy will become your dog's favorite toy. We make 'em for dogs to
shake 'em!
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