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Dear Dogster Member, April 13, 2009
Calm and Get It! Calm and Get It!

Sure our pooches love to play and most of them won't skip a trip to the dog park, but it's no secret among dog owners that our beloved furiends are pretty darn good at chilling out. But are they all equally relaxed? Of course not… So which breed of dog is the calmest? We've collected and analyzed the data that you've submitted and are happy to say that we have the results. And the calmest dog is...

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Pet Insurance Q&A

Pet Insurance Q&AEverything you ever wanted to know about pet insurance but were afraid to ask - find it all in the Pet Insurance Clubhouse. No secret knock required! Come with questions and leave with answers.
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Share Your Pooch PixWe've now made it easier to share and re-post your own Dogster pix with others! When you're logged in to your profile page, clicking the camera icons on your photos will allow you to post to Twitter, email your pix, or grab the embed codes...all in one place!
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Get Lost Pet Alerts

Get Lost Pet AlertsThe Together Tag pet ID and recovery service sends email alerts to you when pets are lost in your area, so you can keep an eye open for your fellow pet-owners' lost little buddies. Just change your email preferences and you're all set!
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