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Dear Dogster Member, April 1, 2009
Dog + Cat =New Hybrid Pet Dog + Cat =New Hybrid Pet

Hybrid dogs are simply all the rage these days. Would-be dog owners looking for a dog with the smarts of a Poodle but with the family-friendliness of a Labrador can always get a Labradoodle. But what if you want a dog with better mouse-catching capabilities? Thanks to new cross-species breeding techniques, the answer is here: the PuppyCat. Whether you're looking for a Siamoodle or a Maine Coonhound, your ideal dog-cat mix is now just a few clicks away.

See these amazing new PuppyCats now ››

White House Dog a Feathered Friend

Meet Gladys, the new First Macaw After much publicized deliberation and debate, the Obamas have finally chosen a White House pet. It's not a dog. It's not a cat. It's a bird.
Meet Gladys, the new First Macaw ››

Science Proves Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs

Science Proves Cats Are Smarter Than DogsOver one million dogs and cats were given IQ tests at a Frankfurt laboratory in March, the results of which showed that cats really are smarter than dogs.
Review the test results now ››

Ice Skating Show Goes to Dogs

Ice Skating Show Goes to DogsNBC announced today that it will begin taping a new reality TV show that will feature ice-skating dogs that live together and compete against one another.
See the "Bow Wow Salchow" pilot episode ››

Dog and Octopus Tie the Knots

Dog and Octopus Tie the KnotsThey met on the beach when he saved her life by nosing her back into water. Two months later, their star-studded Maui wedding was officiated by Tom Jones…
Read the interview with the newlyweds ››

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