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Dear Dogster Member, March 23, 2009
10 Important Pet Safety Tips 10 Important Pet Safety Tips

Are you and your dog ready for the next emergency situation? Taking a few very simple steps now can help to improve your chances of sailing through the next natural disaster or unforeseen crisis without any issues. To help you take these steps, we've put together a top ten list of safety tips that every dog owner should be familiar with.

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Get A Pup-Centric Supply Kit

Get A Pup-Centric Supply Kit Make sure that you have a dog emergency supply kit that includes an ample supply of food and water, blankets, a spare leash and collar, food bowls, garbage bags, any needed medication and a recent photo of your dog.
What's in a pet emergency supply kit? ››

Don't Wait with the Crate

Don't Wait with the CrateIf you have to transport your dog during a stressful situation, you should be prepared to use a carrier. For obvious reasons, it helps if your pooch is already very familiar with crate before the time comes when you need to use it.
Check out some guidelines for crate-training your pup ››

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