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February 8, 2006
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Dear Dogster Member,

Special Guests
"Lady and the Tramp"

Valentine's Day Party
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Woof woof!

It's February and you know what that means... Puppy Love! Check your pet pages on the 14th for a special Valentine's Day Treat from the Dogster Family.

Did some dog mention Valentine's Day? Our favorite thing about this month is the Dogster Valentine's Day Picture Party. Get your camera out, get a photo of your furry sweetness and share the love with everyone. Once you have joined, you'll get a mini-Valentine's Day logo on your pet's page with a link to your pet in the Valentine's Day Picture Party. Join now or see the whole Valentine's Day Picture Party.

Great news from Disney! On February 28th Disney is releasing a 50th Anniversary 2-Disk DVD of "Lady and the Tramp." To celebrate, Lady, Tramp, Jock, Trusty and Peg are visiting Dogster and want to make friends with you. Thanks to Disney, we are running a fabulous sweepstakes where you can win 1 of 50 Special Edition DVD's and a *Grand Prize Flat Screen TV* to watch it on. So come along and join the fun: meet the characters, check out their pet pages and join the "Lady and the Tramp" Group!

Thanks to our good friends at PetsHealth Care Plan, Walt, a kitty from Brooklyn, won a free one-year insurance policy. Congratulations Walt! Out of 206 new Dogster and Catster subscribers in January, Walt was the lucky one. PetsHealth Care Plan has agreed to do this again in February. So, join DogsterPlus in February and you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free basic policy for one year. Thanks PetsHealth Care Plan!

Getting a free PetsHealth Care Plan policy is great but there are a gazillion reasons for joining DogsterPlus. With Plus you can add lots of photos and have a cool Photo Book, you can give away rosettes to your special Valentine's Day pals, you can add captions and borders to your photos, but most of all you will be helping to ensure that Dogster will be here forever, for all pet lovers, with lots of new features and serving faster than a dog on the run. Ask any Plus member and they'll tell ya, this is a good deal and a lot of fun! Don't wait as the current discounted, introductory price of $19.95 is scheduled to go up in 2006. Thanks for considering DogsterPlus.

You've heard about Dogster Groups right? They are out of control! 626 groups have already sprung up from all over the world. Whether you run with the "Bouncing Ball Hogs", "Las Vegas Dogs" or "Maltese Mommys" (our biggest group - 499 members and counting), you are bound to find more doggies like you! Or, create your own group and start inviting your pack to join.

This just in... Dogster t-shirts are back in stock. Get them while they're hot!

New! Dogster Neighborhood

Dogster Neighborhood is where pet-friendly companies and service providers can promote their businesses in their locality. Vets, stores, groomers, walkers, sitters, behavioralists, kennels, photographers, painters, you name it! With Dogster Neighborhood you can share your message in our newsletter for just the Dogsters in your area. Learn more about our new neighborhood program!

ยปWant to contact pet-lovers in your area?
Share you message with just the Dogsters near you. Cost-effective and Dogster approved!

Finally, Dogster and Catster are collectively about to reach 200,000 lovely dogs and cats in our little community. Wow! I guess we can't really say "little" anymore. Whether 200,000 or a million, we know that together we will spread furry joy to the whole world!

May all animals be happy and safe,
Ted, John, Steven & Dogster HQ
Dogster, for the love of dog!

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