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Dear Dogster Member, February 17, 2009
Spread the Spay Day Word Spread the Spay Day Word

Did you know that 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States alone? This number has the potential to grow, unless we all work together to do something about it. Controlling the sheer numbers of pets without care or shelter is an effective way to go. Next week, on the 24th, you can join thousands of loving pet owners who are spaying or neutering their dogs.

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Take a Cutie Home with You

Take a Cutie Home with YouAnother great way to make a difference in the fight against euthanasia and shelter overpopulation is by adopting a puppy or adult dog. You can use Dogster Local to find adoptable dogs at shelters near you!

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Bissell's MVP Photo Contest

Bissell's MVP Photo ContestDoes your pet have what it takes to be famous? Enter the BISSELL MVP Photo Contest today and BISSELL may feature your lovable friend on its packaging!

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HSUS Spay Day Pet Photo Contest

HSUS Spay Day Pet Photo ContestIs your dog the future winner of the HSUS Spay Day Pet Photo Contest? It's free to enter, and you can also donate to vote for your dog. Every dollar raised will help spay and neuter animals around the world.

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Q&A Before You Neuter and Spay

Q&A Before You Neuter and SpayMany pet owners have questions about spaying and neutering, and rightfully so - it is a very sensitive issue, one that historically has been a bit confusing for dog owners. Have questions? Have answers? So do other Dogster members and guests.

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