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Dear Dogster Member, February 2, 2009
Do You *Heart* Your Page? Do You *Heart* Your Page?

Once again (surprise, surprise), the humans have it all wrong: one day of love is just not enough! That's why our members celebrate Valentine's Month instead! As part of all the fun things that go on around here in Furbruary, the Yappy Hour group is having a Valentine's page contest! If you've poured your heart into your dog's page (or plan on doing it) this is the place to showcase your design talent!

Enter, find out more, or browse the cuteness now! ››

Cupid's Arrow Strikes Gift Shop

Cupid's Arrow Strikes Gift ShopLooking for the right way to bark I wuv you? Send each one of your pup pals a super cute Valentine's gift from the Dogster Gift Shop. We'll be adding more new ones all week long, so pawmark the page and keep checking in!

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See the Love, Feel the Love

Valentines Day Photo StrollIf you're bonesing for Valentine's cuteness, then we've got the fix that you've been waiting for! Take a nice, long stroll through our Valentine's Day pet pics and you'll be feeling the love in no time.

Click here for loveable pooch pix! ››

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