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Dear Dogster Member, December 29, 2008
What Are Your Doggie Resolutions? What Are Your Doggie Resolutions?
Dogster newsflash: New Year's resolutions are not just for humans anymore! That's right! Now you can make 'em and break 'em just like those biped friends of yours do. Think it's time to stop eating cat food? Want to adopt a more pleasant bark? What's your New Year's resolution going to be?

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2008: The Year of the Dogster

the Dogster year-in-review wrap-upIt's a wrap! 2008 was quite a year for Our drive to bring you more entertaining, informative and useful content meant everything from new blogs to new games, and lots in between.

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New Year's Eve - Time to Pawty!

Insure your pet with PetplanHey now, pawty people! Who knows how to ring in the new year, and do it with style and grrrrace? Dogsters do, that's who! Let's put our paws together and give a warm welcome to 2009!

Come join our New Year's Eve pawty! ››

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