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Dear %%$first_name%% %%$last_name%%, December 15, 2008
Safety Tips for the Holiday Season Safety Tips for the Holiday Season
The Yule-tide season is a grrreat time to celebrate the past year and usher in the new one, but it can be a confusing and tricky time as well, especially for your pooch. From lights and wrapping paper to snacks and ornaments, there are special hazards to watch out for during the holidays. Staying alert and being cautious will assure a safe and enjoyable season.

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Dogster Style Stocking Stuffers

Dogster Style Stocking StuffersLooking for last-minute gifts? Well, have no fear - Dogster Marketplace is here! Support your fellow Dogster members by purchasing unique, hand-made items right from the source!

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Howliday Treats in the Gift Shop

Howliday Treats in the Gift ShopNot only can you spread joy and cheer by giving your pup pals the gifts that you know and love, but our own little Santa's workshop has been hard at work in order to bring you some fun new ones!

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