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Dear Dogster Member, November 17, 2008
Check out Quirky Turkey on your pet's page Dogster Gobbles Thanks with a Quirky Turkey
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Dogster is really, really thankful to have you as part of our family. Our growth as a pet community is due to dedicated members like you who continue to share the love and spread the word about So we've asked Quirky Turkey to gobble-wobble over to your profile page and deliver a Thanksgiving message. Enjoy!
Send your pals some Thanksgiving fun ››
Take a Thanksgiving photo stroll ››

Time to Vote for Best in Show!

Time to Vote Best in ShowCongratulations to all of the 4th Annual World's Coolest Dog Show finalists. They've now been handed over to the judges — who will choose the individual category winners — but the honor of choosing Best in Show belongs to you!
Cast your vote for Best in Show! ››

Put a Holiday Smile on Your Profile

Pawesome Pet PagesWant to trick out your pooch page for the holidays? Adding background images, music and special effects that lend holiday cheer to your profile is a snap, once you get a little help from the experts in our design groups.
Start dressing up your page now! ››

Free 'Yule Doo' Christmas Tree Ornament

Free Ornament from ChimpfeetChimpfeet Pet Lover Gifts are giving away this Yule Doo Christmas Tree Ornament FREE to any Dogster customer who places an order on before December 1st 2008. Visit to find out how to claim your FREE 'Yule Doo'.
Click here to get your FREE ornament ››

Driving with Daisy

Dog Manual: Travelling with your dogIf you're planning on taking your dog with you as you travel this Thanksgiving holiday, make sure that both you and your canine companion are safe and comfortable. Our Dog Owner's Manual is loaded with grrreat travel tips.
Learn more about driving with dogs ››

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