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Dear Dogster Member, December 1, 2008
'Tis the Season - Winter is Coming! Tis the Season - Winter is Coming!
The first official day of winter may not be here for another few weeks, but pooches everywhere are already feeling a chilly nip in the air. 'Tis nearly the season for bundled up strolls to the dog park, belly-scratching sessions by the fireplace and jumping and sliding through the snow. Are you ready for winter? We pawsitively are!

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Winter Pup Protection Tips

Winter Pup Protection TipsWhile the cold and wetness of winter is certainly challenging for humans, it can be life-threatening for our canine companions. Our very own Horst Hoefinger recently reviewed some winter pet tips on the Dog Blog.

Learn how to prepare your dog for winter ››

Best in Show: The Final Countdown!

Vote Best in ShowStill haven't voted for Best in Show in the 4th Annual World's Coolest photo contest? You still have time, but NOT MUCH! These amazingly amazing dogs and cats are waiting for your vote!

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Insure Your Pet With Petplan!

Insure your pet with PetplanThe world's largest pet insurance provider covers all hereditary conditions for life. Apply today and get a $25 Gift card. Enter Quote Code SPD25760.

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Fleas and Ticks in the Winter?

Winter Pup ProtectionA Dogster guest went to our Answers section to find out if it's necessary to continue with flea and tick treatment even though it's winter now and the pup is indoors most of the time. Hey, good question!

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