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Dear Dogster Member, November 3, 2008
Be Pawlitically Correct and Vote! Be Pawlitically Correct and Vote!
One score and seven days ago, Dogster brought back to its website a fun photo contest, dedicated to the proposition that all dogs are created wonderful. The World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show photo contest is upon us, and it is every dog lover's patriotic duty to bark and be heard. America is voting this week, so we ask this question: Have you voted for YOUR favorite dogs?
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Let Your Bark Be Heard

Let your bark be heard: Dogster PollsEvery week on Dogster, we introduce a new canine-curious poll so that our readers can get the lowdown on what other dog owners are growling about. We sniff out everything from doggie fashion trends to pawlitics, and are often surprised by the results.
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Vote NO on Cruelty

Vote against animal cruelty with the ASPCAThe ASPCA is having a Vote Against Cruelty campaign and it's time for you to lend a helping paw. Signing the petition today will make it harder for lawmakers to ignore the dog and cat lovers of America.
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Make an Educated Choice: Adopt a Dog

Adopt a dogAdopt-A-Dog Month may be behind us, but there are still plenty of loving canine candidates out there who are eager to get your vote. If you've elected to adopt a new dog, the Dogster Adoption Center has the right pooch for you.
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Think Globally, Bark Locally

Check out Dogster LocalDogster Local is the only source you need if you're looking for listings and reviews of dog-friendly businesses in your area. From health care and shelters to restaurants and cafes, you'll find places that are just right for you and your dog.
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