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Dear Dogster Member, October 6, 2008
You've Got Tail-Mail You've Got Tail-Mail
Whether you're scratching and digging for canine-specific veterinary tips or bonesin' for a daily dose of cute and fuzzy pet pix, our family of Dogster blogs has just what you need. Now you can get your fix of doggie news and information without putting even one paw outside of the doghouse!

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Dogster & Catster Vetblog ››
Snuzzy: Where Cute and Fuzzy Collide ››
Dogster's Good Dog Blog ››

Dear Diary: Bow. And Wow...

Tuesday's Diary Think PinkIf you're not checking out Dogster's Diary Central, you're missing out on all the literary fun! One of our most active dog diaries, Think Pink, is written by Dogster member Tuesday.
Check in on Tuesday TODAY and see what's going on ››

Get Pet Fresh with Febreze!

Febreze Pet Odor  EliminatorNew pet owners can never have too many friends! Join the Febreze Group to freshen up and don't forget to send the Febreze virtual gift available in our Gift Shop to new pals.
Click here to find out more ››

Help a Dog Find a Good Home

October is Adopt-A-Dog MonthDon't let the fact that you've already got a dog keep you from participating in Adopt-A-Dog Month. You might be able to help a friend or family member find and adopt the perfect shelter or rescue dog.

See if you can find a loving home for one of these dogs ››

Obama or McCain? Dogster's Presidential Poll Results Are In!

Curious about how dog lovers voted?Curious about how dog lovers voted? The barks have been tallied and the top dog has been chosen!
Come on in and see if you agree with the results ››

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