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Dear %%$first_name%% %%$last_name%%, September 23, 2008
Dogster Dogs Bark the Vote!

With the U.S. elections coming up and the first of the Presidential Debates scheduled for this Furiday, you're either fed up with it all or you just can't get enough! No matter which side of the debate you're on, Dogster dogs are showing their true patriotic colors!

Check out our Patriotic Pet Stroll ››
See which candidate the dogs are barking about ››


Dean Koontz: BLISS TO YOUTrixie Koontz has passed away but with the help of NYT bestselling author Dean Koontz her wisdom lives on in this funny, inspiring new book BLISS TO YOU. To preview the book and sign up for the FREE Koontz Newsletter, click here ››

Barking About the Issues

Vote for More TreatsThe Dogsters in our forums are debating and discussing the issues that affect them the most, like Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).
Read about other paw-ressing issues in our Forums ››

Put a Pet in the Oval Pawffice!

Photo Caption Contest - Win 25 zealiesWhy walk upright into the White House when you can prance in on all fours? Those human candidates more than likely wouldn't stand a chance against some of the four-legged pawliticians out there.

Check out some of the animal candidates on Snuzzy! ››

Send Pet Odors Packing

Febreze Pet Odor  EliminatorFebreze® Pet Odor Eliminator products are formulated to neutralize stubborn pet odors and leave a light, fresh scent around your home.
Click here to find out more ››

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