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Dogster Blogs: The Good Dog Blog Behavior and Training

Advice and More at Good Dog Blog

There's a lot of good stuff going down at the Good Dog Blog, the latest and grrreatest addition to our Dogosphere! Focusing on dog behavior and training, we answer the questions that are driving you and your dog bonkers so you can focus on more important things... like snoozing and playing ball!

See if your dog really needs a dog bed ››
Easily find the quick when cutting your dog's nails ››
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To Pee or Not To Pee?

Dog Behavior and TrainingYup, that's the question. It's not unusual for dogs to urinate on beds, but it sure is furustrating. One guest is looking for advice. Got a tip to stop bed-wetting?
Lend a helping paw ››

Who's the Boss?

Dog Behavior and TrainingThe pecking order starts with you--learn how you can establish yourself as the alpha dog.
Read more about dominance in dogs ››

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Can't we all just get along?You love them. They love you. They love each other... occasionally. Squabbling dogs got you down?
See what Dr. Barchas has to say about doggie rivalry ››

Stairway to Nowhere

Dog afraid of stairsIs climbing the stairs just too daunting for your pooch? You are not alone--many dogs find stairs furightening.

Get and give tips about stair-climbing in our Behavior & Training Forum ››

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