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Durel's Pet Shop [view the full listing]

3814 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 984-3404

5posted: October 23rd, 2007

Great pet store

This pet store has been in business for YEARS! They have a very nice staff and all the things you need for your pet and fish!


ABC Pet Resort and Spa [view the full listing]

17024 Bamwood
Houston, TX 77090

5posted: August 7th, 2007

A's all the way!

My mommy used to work here about 10 years ago and even then it was the #1 place to stay! The indoor suites were awesome!! Pet furniture, toys, TV, etc... The runs weren't so bad either, and were climate controlled. The staff took really great care of the pets and from what we hear there have been some fantastic updates since then!! Better than ever!


New Iberia Humane Society [view the full listing]

1314 Troy Rd.
New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 365-1923

5posted: February 28th, 2007

For a shelter it's not bad....

My mommy adopted my kitty brother from this place and it has always been very clean on the several occassions that my mommy had visited it. She also used to pickup abandoned and lost dogs off the streets and take them here so they could possibly be reunited with their families. They had 'after hour' kennels in front of the fenced in area for people who were dropping off either a lost or unwanted animal during the night or before business hours. These kennels were always very clean and had fresh food, water and toys to console any animals who ended up here.


Dr. Roger Boughton [view the full listing]

New Iberia, LA 70560

5posted: February 28th, 2007

I Loved Dr. B!

Dr. B was one of my regular vets and I loved him and really missed him when we moved from the area. Dr. B always played with me when I went to see him and on several occassions he agreed to meet my mommy at his office in the middle of the night if either me or my cat brother became ill. It didn't matter what time of night it was, Dr. B would take care of us. That's what I call dedication!


Dr. Eric White [view the full listing]

New Iberia, LA 70560

5posted: February 28th, 2007

Dr. White Rocks!

Dr, White used to be one of my vets. He was always nice to me and treated me kindly. I loved him and really missed him when I moved from the area.


Gwynett Peebles [view the full listing]

Houston, TX 77090

1posted: February 28th, 2007

Run as fast as U can!!

This trainer used to work out of ABC Pet Resort & Spas 10 years ago. We don't know if she is still in the Houston area, but if you know of her and are thinking of hiring her to train you, I suggest you run as fast as you can in the opposite direction and find a different trainer!! ASAP!! When I used to spend time at ABC, I witnessed this trainer being extremely mean to animals she was training. She trained them through fear more than positive reinforcement. One time she was witnessed yanking a puppies choke chain so hard to teach him to lay down and stay, that when it was all over with, the puppy had red marks on it's neck from where the choke chain had been yanked very hard repeatedly by Peebles. On another occassion Peebles was having a dogs owner come to the shop to view her progress with their pet and she wanted the dog to have a bath before the owners arrived. Peebles became angry because the bathers had not yet finished drying the dog and the owners were due to arrive at any moment, so Peebles grabbed the dog from a cage and began harshly drying him herself. The dog became frightened by her quick movements and the sound and blower of the dryer and was struggling to pull away from the dryer. Peebles lose all patience with the frightened dog and began yelling at him and striking him about the face and body with the dryer hose. is this really someone you want to train YOU??


ABC Pet Resort & Spa [view the full listing]

17024 Bamwood
Houston, TX 77090
(281) 444-9414

5posted: February 28th, 2007


My mommy used to work here about 10 years ago and even way back then, this was one of the best places in the area to board and groom your pet. We're pretty sure than since then, there have been nothing but improvements done to this place!! I used to get to go to work with mommy everyday and I would stay in one of the empty suites, I had my own bed and TV in my suite, it was like being at home!!


Marlene Herbst [view the full listing]

Houston, TX 77076

1posted: February 28th, 2007


This lady is a contract groomer. She used to work at PetCo on FM 1960 in Spring , TX. She seems very nice when you meet her, however, she's not always nice behind the scenes. She is only in it for the money......grooming as many dogs, in as little amount of time, to bring in the money. She displays little patience with older or hyper dogs. One time when she worked at Petco, she left a 14 year old Chow Chow on a grooming table unattended while she brushed out another customers dog. The Chow Chow lost his balance and fell off the table, breaking his leg. My mommy witnessed the dog fall off the table and ran to see about him. She yelled at the groomer to come quick because she thought the dog had a broken leg and Marlene only glanced and said, "He's probably okay." My mommy stayed and consoled the dog who was quietly whimpering. Finally, Marlene came and looked at the dog and as if nothing had happened, she lifted the dog into the tub and proceeded to bathe him and placed him in a cage dryer. Only then did she begin crying that she thought the dogs leg was broken. My mommy was furious that she failed to take immediate action when she first told her the dogs leg was broken. Marlene was not crying because she felt sorry for the dog, she was crying because she knew she would be in trouble. On two other occassions, a dog she was bathing, jumped out of the tub and ran out the grooming area, into the store and out the front door as customers were walking in or out. Store employees had to run through the parking lot to try and catch the loose dog. She never told the owners what had happened. On yet another occassion, she was once onserved being very rough with a dog in the tub who was frightened of the water hose. Rather than showing the animal patience and care, she instead intensified his trauma by yelling and pushing him around. Stay away!! Find a different groomer!!


James William Towne [view the full listing]

2211 Fm 1960 Rd E
Houston, TX 77073
(281) 742-0744

5posted: February 28th, 2007

I liked Dr. Towne

Dr. Towne used to be my vet before I crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. When I left to go to the bridge, his office sent mommy a personalized poem plaque to remember me by. 5 paws for their caring nature!!


Jerry Williams Dvm [view the full listing]

14580 Wallisville Rd
Houston, TX 77049
(713) 428-2980

5posted: February 28th, 2007

Dr. Williams Rocks!!

Dr. Williams used to be my vet for many years and he was always very nice to me and my mommy and granny. He's a very sensitive type of vet who cares a lot and those make the best vets!!


Iberia Animal Clinic [view the full listing]

1006 Center St
New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 364-4823

5posted: February 25th, 2007

Great vet!

I used to go to this vet when I lived in the area. Dr. Boughton was always very nice to me and treated my mommy and granny like family. I would recommend Dr. Boughton to anyone living in that area.


Robichaux Veterinary Clinic [view the full listing]

705 Estate Dr S
New Iberia, LA 70563
(337) 364-7624

4edited: February 25th, 2007


I only visited this clinic once or twice from what I can remember it was a pretty good experience.

posted: February 25th, 2007


All Creatures Animal Hospital [view the full listing]

220 N Lewis St
New Iberia, LA 70563
(337) 365-9060

5posted: February 25th, 2007


When I lived in Louisiana, I used to go to this clinic. It's very nice from what I remember, and from what I hear, it has improved greatly. I would recommend this clinic to everyone who lives in that area.


Countryside Animal Hospital [view the full listing]

2211 FM 1960 East
Spring, TX 77073
(281) 742-0744

5posted: February 22nd, 2007

Nice vets

I used to visit this vet clinic and Dr. Towne and Dr. Hillard were always very nice to me. When mommy had to put me to sleep after hours at an emergency clinic, they sent her a beautiful sympathy card and a personalized plaque that had a poem with my name at the bottom. Mommy was so touched that they did this for me.