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Sheepfold [view the full listing]

4 Woodland Road
Stoneham, MA 02180


4posted: August 23rd, 2011


Sheepfold is a good park with a very large field to run in and trails to walk your dog on. Since it's technically not a dog park leash laws are in effect, though they're generally not enforced. Most owners pick up after their dogs, but you do still need to keep an eye out for hidden bombs. My biggest complaint is that there are a few negligent owners who bring their aggressive dogs there and let them off leash. My little guy was recently attacked by a pitbull named Damien and needed 5 staples! His owner claimed he was gonna take care of our vet bill, but when I tried to get his info he jumped in his car and left. Seems he wanted to put on a good show for everyone else, but actually had no intention of taking responsibility. This won't deter me from bringing my buddy back when he's all healed up, but we may stick more to the trails and will also be warning others about Damien and his "classy" owner. If you do see an aggressive dog off leash or witness an attack, make sure to call the park rangers to report the dog and/or owner.


4edited: February 24th, 2007

Our neighbor

The Sheepfold in Stoneham, MA is my friend and neighbor's favorite place to be. Her name is Dallas. She's a border collie mix. She has plenty of room to run, off leash, at the Sheepfold. A real utopia for dogs with lots of pent-up energy to burn.

posted: February 24th, 2007

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