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Attributes [ edit ]
Cats:  YesVolunteer program:  Yes
Foster homes needed:  YesFeral cat program:  Yes
Microchipping:  YesLow-cost vaccine:  No
Spay & neuter support:  YesOwner assistance service:  Yes
Programs for kids & teens:  YesHand scissoring:  Yes
Nail clipping:  YesDog supplies:  Yes
Cat supplies:  YesFish supplies:  Yes
Critter supplies:  YesRaw food:  Yes
Holistic foods & treatments:  YesFashion & accessories:  Yes
PetID tags:  Yes

“Animal Talk Rescue is a cat and kitten No-Kill Rescue that operates out of Animal Talk Pet Shop. The year of 2008 saw around 1300 cats and kittens placed into new adoptive homes. The Rescue has cats and kittens available for adoption, and the pet shop that shares the building also has small pets like hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, hedgehogs, anoles, frogs, goldfish, guppies, bearded dragons, geckos, russian tortoises, corn snakes, ball pythons, parakeets, canaries and cockatiels. ”

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5edited: August 7th, 2007

Non-Kill Animal Shelter, Rescue, Dedicated Staff. Adopt from them!

All of my cats have been adopted through "Animal Talk Rescue" and just look at them:)! The staff are dedicated to saving the lives of every feline that comes through their door. other smallanimals and sometimes dogs, too. A lot of work goes into these animals because most of them come from feral mothers or are abandoned and most need medical attention and socialization which they get from the volunteers and foster homes all of which are amazing. The woman who runs the rescue is great. Her name is Missy and she does what it takes to get every animal exactly what they need individually to be healthy, happy and adoptable pets and then makes sure they get into great homes with the help of one Dr. Obegi whom volunteers her time aside from her veterinary practice (and brand new baby) to give medical attention to the cats in need and also Seattle's Spay and Neuter Project, a low-cost/donation organization dedicated to stopping the over-populated feral cat colonies and other homeless cat issue we have in this city. YES SEATTLE and surrounding areas. Get your pets fixed! The amount of work that it takes for each animal is immeasurable and they somehow muster up the energy to get it done. They do cost a bit more for adoption but money is needed to keep this small rescue running the way they do and you can be assured a great pet whom when adopted all get microchipped, a free vet visit, all their first immunizations, tests, 1st month Frontline flea treatment and a bag of food to start you off. Then there's the undeniable satisfaction you'll feel knowing that not only have you saved one life, but two. Your adopted pet and the room you have made for another animal in need. If your smart you'll adopt two. Obviously highly recommended++++++ THEY NEED FOSTER HOMES DESPERATELY NOW!! If you have the time and love to give it is VERY VERY rewarding and fun!!

posted: April 13th, 2007


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