Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue

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“Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue, Inc. ("TGPR") was started on January 2, 2001 because one pyr lover was thrown head first into the problems of backyard breeding in Texas and its inhumane treatment of pyrs by finding a breeding pair of dirty, mistreated, unloved great pyrs in her own urban neighborhood. From that person's experience of seeing the lack of responsive rescue assistance for such pyrs in need, TGPR was created to provide an organized group of caring members to help the overwhelming number of pyrs in need in Texas. From its humble beginning of just a few individuals, it has grown to be an organized, responsive, professional rescue organization of over fifty members dedicated to helping pyrs in need on a statewide basis. In its first year of operation, it created a website for its rescue operations, started an email group to keep in close correspondence with its members, set up an unified accounting/reporting system, acquired its 501(c)(3) non profit status with the Internal Revenue Service, and managed to place 52 pyrs in new homes and help over 30 more into safe situations. In its 2nd year of operations, membership grew and more areas of Texas were covered. In the 2nd year of operations, TGPR placed over 130 pyrs into new homes and expanded its network of statewide contacts. In its 3rd year of operations, TGPR placed 180 pyrs into new homes. It is anticipated that TGPR will place just as many pyrs in the coming years since the need for rescue assistance has not waned even with increasing the public's awareness of the terrible problems of pyrs being sold and placed inappropriately in Texas. TGPR's motto has been "Successful rescue isn't done by one, but by many". It is only with the assistance of all Pyr lovers in Texas that TGPR will have continued success in helping unwanted and abandoned Texas Pyrs-in-need. ”

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5posted: December 1st, 2007

I have heard some good things about this place.


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