Kimber's Kritters

P.O. BOX 41401
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 944-7387

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Dogs:  YesCats:  No
Small dog only:  YesOlder dog only:  Yes
Volunteer program:  YesFoster homes needed:  Yes
Sanctuary:  YesFeral cat program:  No
Microchipping:  NoLow-cost vaccine:  No
Pet survivor program:  NoSpay & neuter support:  No
Owner assistance service:  NoPrograms for kids & teens:  No

Breed specific:We take in all breeds of dogs... We also take Exotic Animals!!

“ WE ARE A 501(C)(3) NON PROFIT ANIMAL RESCUE. We need YOU to help us save more lives. There are many small yet life saving things you can do. Please don't hesitate to offer your help or items by thinking the offer is too small. Nothing is too small! We need donations as we are paying for acreage and building an animal rescue-sanctuary-education center in South Carolina. (We homeschool and have gone to schools for years to educate others. We started by helping the first animal rescue in Nashville area, then rehabbed bird of prey. )With a center schools could come to us vs us loading animals to take to educate them. I've got lots of books etc and teaching materials. I have big fabulous dreams for the animals, but little money. We also want to obtain acreage to do the same thing in TN and possibly KY. We also need the following: LAND, VAN, FOSTERS, FUNDRAISERS and FUNDRAISER COORDINATORS, GRANTWRITERS, DONATIONS WE NEED FOSTERS DESPERATELY TO SAVE MORE LIVES of INNOCENT DISCARDED DOGS If you aren't sure what breed you'd like to have, or if you just want to help the cause of saving dogs about to die we'd love to have your help! We mainly get dogs about to be put to sleep in kill shelters on their last day :( They are very adoptable but when a shelter is full that is it they are gone, yes, even their favorites! A foster home opens their homes and hearts to a dog waiting for their fairytale ending. Yes, miracles can happen with your help! We provide vetting and also food if you need it; you supply the love, and help us match them with the best home for him or her. You can also come with you foster to adoption events and witness the glorious day they get their fairytale ending! If there is any other way you'd like to volunteer please let us know :) We're open to suggestions. There's nothing like the feeling of saving a life. You'd be getting that feeling and helping with what society has messed. Please email me at or call 615-944-7387.We are a small 501(c)(3)rescue that entails foster homes to care for the pet in a home atmospere and not a shelter atmosphere. When we went out of town for 4 months the pets in rescue went too. They enjoyed the ocean and walks in the forest :) We are NO KILL. We fully vet the pet and spare no expense.. we've do it all from Palate and Nare surgery to removing tumors on an elderly pet. Our vet loves that we never give up and put an animal to sleep .. We do exotic rescue but have extensive dog rescue experience due to helping one of the first 501(C)(3)s in TN. We take in Chinese Cresteds, English Bulldogs and since few of these come through rescue we mainly take in larger mixed breeds about to be put to sleep in a kill shelter. We're not a shelter and therefore have no set hours. We have fosters that care for a lot of the pets we get as we had a death in the family and are dealing with estate sell etc. We get very few pets in so if you see someone that catches your eye please email for an application immediately. We also have a place in South Carolina and the pets we take in often are well traveled. We will be building in the near future an animal education center and rescue in South Carolina that has no shelter and dogs running rampant. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit rescue!! If you would like to sponsor an animal or send a donation you can do so and it will be tax deductible! Our mailing address is PO Box 41401 Nashville TN 37204. If you would like to make a donation via paypal just click the button below that says "make a donation". Most of the dogs we take in we have to travel to get or a shelter calls us on the medically needy ones. Usually there is a $88+ pull fee for the shelter we help the most with a high kill rate. The vet then charges about $33 more for the neuter/spay..etc. On many of the English Bulldogs they have bacterial or yeast infections. We've had palate and nare surgery on one bulldog. We ended up with $1597 in vet bills on him. The least expensive English Bulldog we've had we're up to $600 on him. We never recoup the fee's paid on the dogs in our program. I home school my daughter and the animals are a main part of our life. I feel we owe the animals...God put them here and we need to help those in need. We use the adoption fee's adopters pay to rescue others in need. We only take in what we or our credit cards can afford and we have time to spend with. We have fosters to help a "normal" dog that we may take in. We also have an exotic pet program in which a well check up is about $300.00 to walk in the vets and have labs performed. We can give you a tax donation slip to count the donation off your taxes. If you want an animal but can't for various reasons this is a great way to help. OR if you have extra money or need a write off. We understand and greatly appreciate whatever amount you might do. We are currently trying to start an animal sanctuary in South Carolina that will be open to the public. We are needing money to care for the existing pets, future pets and to help with the building of it in South Carolina. You can also sponsor a pet. You will receive pictures and IF they adoptee says its okay you can actually converse with them. We are needing help with a website. You can then see pictures of some of the very exotic ...exotics we have such as African Servals, a huge African Spur thigh tortoise, high content wolfdogs, an African Vervet monkey and others.. Thank you for helping us and helping the animals! We have 4 very special dogs that were in Katrina (one was the after effect). We really really need to find them their own special home.. If anyone could put up flyers. We also need fosters for future pets we take in. Thank you! Kim, Kimber and the Kritters Our Adoptable Pet List Click here to see our Happy Tails! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Featured Pet... Duke survived Katrina. He is a Carolina dog and loves people too. He was found in a building by the National Guard. He has little scars on his face that look like buckshot scars. Please email for an application for this boy... He is microchipped News Ranchero, Kimber's 13 pound 13 year old rescue that was found on 11/16/05 turned 15 on October 31, 2006!!! He is our only pet dog as we wouldn't want to break his heart by keeping another one. I intended on putting him in Border Collie rescue, but when 3 vets said he wouldn't live I was determined to save him that much more. We turned to herbs, vitamins and raw food! He doesn't even limp from arthritis now. He could barely walk when we found him. His horrible owner had another dog that died of worms which was his fence buddy. He was about to. She also didn't feed him and if it weren't for kind neighbors he'd have been dead. When he swallowed a nail she did nothing. He loves my daughter so. He's the best dog in the world and I hope he has many healthy happy years with us. He so deserves a happy life after 13 years of hell! Oh, his house was torn down with him in it in East Nashville in the tornado I guess in 1998. He's my favorite dog ever too now!! I am working on laws to protect dogs like him from the horrible abuse he lived in! Who We Are We rescue and adopt all dogs now. We started with Afghan Hounds in the 1980's and then Chinese Crested, English Bulldogs, and now mainly get mixed breeds (usually the large overlooked ones that make the BEST pet) in need on occasion as time and space permits. All animals will be spayed or neutered prior to being placed as well as shots, heartworm check and treatment if needed, wormed, a training DVD, and coupons. An adoption application and contract must be filled out prior to placement. We are not a shelter but a group consisting of fosters that want to save dogs about to be put to sleep etc. We are located in Shelbyville, TN. Most of our fosters are in Nashville and Franklin. We are in Nashville almost daily due to home schooling activities and the death of a relative and working with the estate. Email for any information! Thanks! Kimber's Kritter's Email us for an application and as to when you could pick up the pet if approved. ! Please call us about a said pet. Email first and we will send you an application. If there is an animal needing rescue please do call 615-944-7387... Please make a donation to us to help care for the pets in need :-(

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