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“A pet store within Macomb Mall (and locations at other local malls) that sells puppies and pet supplies.”

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1edited: May 30th, 2008

Worst Experience of My Life!

This store sold me a mentally unhealthy dog. After a year of trying to rehabilitate, with no success, I then started asking questions about the breeder (I was too late on my part, I was inexperienced/uneducated when I bought the dog). They refused any information and the number I was given at purchase was disconnected. The employees of the store then blamed me and accused me of abuse and neglect and refused me the forwarding information of this "puppy mill." After all the heartache, expense and time devoted, I handed the dog over to a rescue (more heartache). My new puppy, Hazel, came from a local home breeder and the experience is night and day. DON'T BUY ANIMALS FROM PET STORES. THEY ARE MISLEADING,CRUEL, AND UNACCOUNTABLE!

posted: May 30th, 2008


1posted: November 20th, 2007


I went in there and all the puppies looked sick, they were skinny- waste everywhere--If I could of I would of took them all home :(


2posted: March 1st, 2007

Puppy mill

This store is just a facade for people who perpetuate puppy mills. Most of these pets were obtained from puppy mills. These are mutts mostly who are costing an extreme amount. They sucker people in by calling them designer dogs who are in great condition. Yeah right!!! most of these pups are neglected by the staff with little to no human contact. This is a place you want to avoid!!!


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