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West Vancouver - as dog-friendly as they come! This city guide will show you all the best (and worst) places for your pets. Don't forget to add your reviews for the businesses in this ultimate resource.

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Rescue Organizations
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West Vancouver, BC V7W 1A1
DOGWOOD RESCUE is a non-profit "specifc breed" resscue group who rescues "sporting" or "gun" dogs. A small network of dedicated volunteers, some of whom have been quietly re-homing animals for over 30 years. we care passionately about animal welfare, The animals we help are: ~ abandoned because of cruelty, neglect or hardship; ~ strays, slated for extermination in over-crowded shelters; ~ dumped, after years of faithful companionship simply because they are old; ~ discarded for flimsy excuses such as "no time" for the animal; ~ dispensed with by relatives who don't want them or can't keep them due to the owner's illness or death. Note; If you love your pet, remember to put him/her in your will. Do not expect your heirs to take care of the animal. Sometimes, changes in family dynamics such as marriage, divorce, moving, illness, or pregnancy may warrant re-homing, but owners should explore all viable options before giving up a pet. Animals are not disposable toys to be thrown aside when inconvenient; they deserve the same care and consideration as human children. DOGWOOD'S mission is to re-home homeless, unwanted or abused animals after ensuring that they are neutered/spayed and evaluated. DOGWOOD is also committed to re-homing senior animals. In North America, roughly 50,000 dogs, and even more cats, are euthanized EVERY DAY, by gassing, heart stick (without anaesthetic), or by shooting. In Canada alone, the estimate is 7,000 per day. This unnecessary waste of life is heartbreaking and could be ameliorated through spaying and neutering of pets. DOGWOOD primarily re-homes Pointer breeds, Vizslas,and Weimaraners. These dogs are called "sporting or gun dogs. However, we also rescue "crosses" of these breeds as well as those listed below:. English Pointers German Short-haired Pointers German Wire-haired Pointers Wirehaired Pointing Griffons Pudelpointers Weimaraners Retrievers Setters Vizslas Spinoni Italianos Bracco Italianos Bracque Francais

 Rescue Organizations:
  • Dogwood Sporting Dog Rescue


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