Mast Park

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Attributes [ edit ]
Fenced in:  NoLeash Required:  Yes
Restrooms Nearby:  YesBenches:  Yes
Trash Cans:  YesDisposal Bags:  Yes
Water Fountain:  Yes

Surface type:Grass, dirt, paved
Size:26.5 acres

“Santee's largest park, award-winning Mast Park hugs the banks of the meandering San Diego River on the western border of Santee Town Center. A bold, verdant wonderland, Mast Park's 26.5 developed acres elicits a symphony of sights and sounds unlike any other Santee park. ”

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5posted: May 30th, 2010

Dog friendly Park

Mast Park now has off leash hours, sun-up to 9:00am and 3:00pm to sun-down. Lots of friendly dogs and people


1posted: February 13th, 2008

Mast Park

I visited this park on 2/10/08 with my 7 year old golden retriever and 3 year old german shepherd. My first impression was, WOW. The WOW didn't last long. Driving into the park can impress you if you are a fisherman or camper. I understand the lake(s) are stocked and tagged to win $$ but while talking to people who had been there most of the day the fish were not biting. As I drove up to the park entrance a female park ranger greeted me with a smile and stated, " make sure your dog's are kept on leash! They are not allowed off leash. That will be four dollars please. Gee, what a wonderful, Hi, How are you! The ranger explained that areas 5 and 6 are the only areas in the park where dog's are allowed. Again she reminded me that I could be fined if dog's are found off leash. I must tell you, I was really taken back by this ranger's attitude. It wasn't like I was driving around in a piece of junk with two barking growling dogs. Both dogs are highly trained on and off leash. I am a professional full time trainer and show dog handler. I drove back to area 5 and 6 and felt really slighted. I think I was more disgusted. I didn't appreciate being treated the way I was. Both areas are at the far end of the park with only a gravel path. No, but sorry. Mast only deserves one paw from me. I will never go back.

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4posted: January 20th, 2008

lots of walking

Although not a leash free dog park, poop bags and trash cans are readily available. There is plenty of walking paths - part paved, part dirt. Just this January (2008) they did a lot of vegetation clearing, which is safer for fires, but now there isn't much shade - in warm weather, Santee gets pretty hot. (Before the vegetation clearing the shade kept it quite comfortable even in the summer - but I rather be less fire hazard)


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