Pawsitive Pups

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“Pawsitive Pups is owned and operated by Denise Warner, a graduate of Aminal Behavior College in Northridge, CA. Her training, combined with her deep desire to help prevent good dogs from ending up in shelters, is evident in her commitment to her canine students. Our philosophy is based on the belief that we are the guardians of our canine companions and that the best way to ensure a lifetime relationship is by building that relationship through comunication and NOT control. While our methods are gentle enough to be used on puppies as young as six weeks, they are equally effective with dogs of all ages and backgrounds. Our classes and individual sessions are designed to teach people how to teach their dogs appropriate responses to everyday situations through positive reinforcement. Our methods are geared to encourage the dog to act appropriately by choice, rather than out of fear of retaliation from their owners. As a result, dogs who are trained through the Pawsitive Pups method are better equipped to react in situations that are far beyond the realm of those taught in class, allowing them to continue to grow throughout their relationship with their person. In addition, their people can be confident in their skills to be able to continue to build a strong bond with their dogs in the years to come. Shelter and rescue dogs can present unique challenges to the training environment because of their experiences within the shelter system. Regardless of the quality of care, these dogs have unique needs that require gentle positive reinforcement. With extensive experience with traditional "shelter dogs", we can show you how to rebuild trust and confidence in your rescue dog.”

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