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“Offers special order, custom-made pet boxes just for your pet!”

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5posted: April 17th, 2008

See what my mommy makes!

She paints them to look like you just as my mommy did for me! You can see my box--the first one every made, of course!--on my profile page. Aren't I just the most handsomest kitty you've ever seen? My box sits on the floor by the kitchen where my water and food dish are. I make it a point that if I need some snicky-snackies, I wait as patiently as I can by my box and holler at mom to come get me some treats! She's good for that! Oh, and I sometimes like to help mommy with painting the box...she doesn't seem like much of a fan of it, though! So go check out my momma's skillz on either my profile or her website!


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