World's Oldest Dog Dies At 21

 |  Sep 1st 2009  |   8 Contributions

Chanel, a dachshund, turned 21-years-old on May 6th and became the oldest living dog on record. Sadly, I just found out that she has passed away. On Friday, August 28th she went to Rainbow Bridge at the tender age of 147-years-old.

She was adopted by Karl and Denice Shaughnessy from a shelter in Newport News, VA. when she was only 6 weeks old. She appeared on the Today Show in May to commemorate her Woofday wearing tinted goggles for her cataracts and a sweater because she was sensitive to the cold. After the show aired she celebrated with a big Manhattan Woofday bash.

(A.P.) Guinness World Records officials presented Chanel with a certificate as the world's oldest dog at a Manhattan birthday bash hosted by a private pet food company in May.

Chanel loved the party, especially the cake, which had a peanut butter flavor and had been made for dogs, Denice Shaughnessy said.

There have been claims of older dogs but Guinness World Records has not yet been able to verify any birth records. According to Janelle Derouen her dog Max is 26-years-old. She said GWR officials are trying to verify this information, although they will not confirm this.

* Pic ourtesy AP Photo/Karl and Denise Shaughnessy


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