Why Might a Dog Have Seizures After Nursing?

 |  Jan 11th 2010  |   0 Contributions

What can cause seizures in mother dog that just weaned her pups?

Batesville, AR

Has your dog definitely weaned her puppies completely? If they are still nursing, I am worried about a syndrome called eclampsia.

Eclampsia occurs when puppies consume large quantities of milk that overwhelm the mother. Low blood calcium levels result. This imbalance can lead to muscle tremors, seizures, and death.

Eclampsia occurs most commonly after first litters. Small dogs who have large litters are especially at risk. Disproportionately large puppies (such as older puppies that are ready to be weaned) consume large quantities of milk and may trigger the syndrome in the mother.

Dogs suffering from eclampsia usually require injections of calcium to control the initial tremors and seizures. After the initial crisis has resolved oral calcium supplementation combined with accelerated weaning usually prevents relapse.

Once a dog has suffered from eclampsia the puppies must be weaned promptly. If they are not then recurrence of the syndrome is highly likely.

Of course, if your dog's puppies are completely weaned and haven't been sneaking any milk on the sly then eclampsia is not a likely cause of the symptoms you have seen. Other causes of seizures include epilepsy, exposure to toxins, trauma, and metabolic problems such as liver disease.

Any dog or cat that suffers from seizures should see a veterinarian immediately to assess vital signs and attempt to determine the cause.

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