Why Does my Dog Have Gas?

 |  May 13th 2011  |   1 Contribution

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Hi, I have a 2 years old female Weimaraner named Molly, lately she is having flatulence, the vet recommendation was change the feeding time to once a day, only at night but its not working. Can you give me some recomendations for her stomach problem?

Guatemala, Guatemala

Everyone produces gas. This includes dignified people (the Queen of England comes to mind). It also includes beautiful individuals such as supermodels and Weimaraners.

The first thing I recommend is to accept that no matter what you do, your dog still will have gas now and then. Gas alone, in the absence of vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, poor appetite, or failure to thrive does not necessarily mean that your dog has a stomach problem.

However, if your dog's gas seems excessive and it a nuisance to you, consider experimenting with a diet change. Humans with flatulence issues should avoid beans, cabbage, broccoli, and any other food with a demonstrated history of exacerbating their gas. Diet is the simplest way to deal with gas in dogs, as well. Easily digestible diets (marketed as "sensitive stomach" formulas) often lead to reduced gas. Also consider eliminating rich human foods from her diet.

Remember always to change diets gradually. And also remember to keep some perspective. As long as your dog doesn't feel sick or distressed, the gas isn't a very big deal -- for her, at least.


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