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Which Breeds of Dogs Experience Reverse Sneezing?

photo 2007 Nam Nguyen | more info (via: Wylio)I read your answer in rregards to the reverse sneezing with the little Shih Tzu... Is it...

Dr. Eric Barchas  |  Feb 8th 2011

Australian Cattle Dogphoto 2007 Nam Nguyen | more info (via: Wylio)
I read your answer in rregards to the reverse sneezing with the little Shih Tzu… Is it also normal for Amer Staff/Cattle Dog mix? She is 8 yrs old now and she may do it a couple of times likeevery so often? I’m just curious?? Thank you!!!

Venice, CA

Absolutely. All dogs can suffer from episodes of reverse sneezing. Isolated reverse sneezes rarely are something that should cause alarm, although protracted reverse sneezing may be a sign of a foreign object in the nose.

I wrote about reverse sneezing a while back on the Vet Blog. As I said back then,

Reverse sneezing sounds like a combination of gagging, snorting, coughing and sneezing all at once. Its a very unique phenomenon, and I never tire of watching clients imitate the noise when they try to describe it.

Reverse sneezing can be very alarming to the uninitiated — on many occasions people have rushed dogs to the emergency clinic where I work after an episode. They often think their dog has had a seizure.

But, in most cases, reverse sneezing is not a big deal unless it is happening continuously or uncontrollably.

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