What is Panosteitis?

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Can you explain exactly was panosteitis is?

Michigan, North Carolina, NC

Panosteitis also is known as growing pains. It is a syndrome in which the cells within bones (the biggest bones in the body are most likely to be affected) undergo changes. The interior of the bones becomes more bony and less fatty than normal. This change is often associated with pain in the affected bones. The cause of the syndrome is not known.

Dogs with panosteitis frequently experience limping that is cyclical in nature. In other words, limping may gradually worsen and then improve, only to worsen and improve again. Limping may shift from limb to limb.

Large dogs experience the syndrome more frequently than small dogs. The syndrome occurs most frequently in older puppies and young adults. Stress is a known risk factor for the syndrome.

The good news is that panosteitis is self-limiting. In other words, dogs suffering from the syndrome make complete recoveries over a period of weeks or months. The bad news is that there is no definitive treatment for the syndrome. The only option is to treat the pain associated with it and wait for the syndrome to resolve on its own.


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