What Causes Itching and Vaginal Discharge in Dogs?

 |  Nov 27th 2010  |   1 Contribution

The other night i noticed my 15 year old female German Shepherd licking between her legs obsessively. As I looked to see if something was going on to cause her to do this I noticed a white liquid seeping from her private part. Any Ideas?

Alliance, OH

Many different things could be going on. All of the possibilities warrant a veterinary exam.

White liquid often is a form of pus. Pus usually is linked to infection. A dog with a bladder infection or a vaginal infection may lick her private parts. These types of infection may lead to vaginal discharge as well.

Unspayed dogs may suffer uterine infections that can lead to the symptoms you describe. Although it's rare, spayed dogs can suffer infections in the residual portions of their reproductive tracts.

A foreign object such as a foxtail in the vagina may cause irritation and discharge.

Sadly, in an elderly dog, certain types of tumors may commonly cause the types of symptoms you are seeing.

Your dog needs to see a vet. At the very least, she is uncomfortable. At worst (for instance, if she has a uterine infection), the problem could be life threatening.


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