Welsh Working Dogs Celebrated on Royal Mail Stamps

 |  Mar 14th 2008  |   2 Contributions

What a great idea!

Thanks to NewsWales for this article.

Police dogs stamp their mark

Four-legged hounds trained at South Wales Police Dog Training School sprang into action for their latest mission - helping launch Royal Mail's new set of stamps featuring canine heroes.

The Working Dogs stamps pay tribute to man's best friend in miniature.

The six stamps show working dogs in action, from sheepdogs to canine mountain rescuers, guide dogs, sniffer dogs, police dogs and assistance dogs. It is 100 years since the first British Police Dogs walked the beat.

Inspector Mark Hobrough, in charge of the Dogs Mounted and Specialist Search and Recovery Team at the training centre in Bridgend, said the capability of the trained hounds is astounding.

"It is brilliant that their achievements are being recognised on a stamp, which will be sent to people all over the world. We train hundreds of dogs for all kinds of operations, including sniffing out drugs, controlling crowds, finding objects and people.

"Praise should also go to the hard work and dedication of the dog handlers who are able to harness the true skills of these amazing animals."

Fighting crime, saving lives and simply making everyday tasks a little easier, are just some of the vital roles performed by thousands of the UK's working dogs.

This is the first time a set of special stamps has been devoted entirely to these highly-trained dogs, also celebrating the Year of the Assistance Dog 2008.

Val Bodden, Media Relations Manager, Royal Mail Group Wales, said: "It is easy to forget that there's a secret army of thousands of hardworking dogs who make a real difference to many lives. We hope that this issue will help raise the profile of their important work as customers see the dogs on millions of letters and parcels every day.

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