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Surrender to the Hypnotic Eyes of These Weimaraner Puppies

These pictures show serenity and unfettered joy through the bright, clear eyes of puppies.

 |  Mar 5th 2014  |   1 Contribution

In the 1770s, a German doctor named Franz Mesmer conjectured that a strange, indefinite force emanated from every living being. That power, which Mesmer called "animal magnetism," could be channeled and focused by waving a magnet or a stick. Doing so, one might exert influence over the bodies of others, even cure them of illnesses. During the same historical period, in Weimar, north of Mesmer's hometown, the first Weimaraner puppies were being bred as hunting dogs for the nobility. 

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Nobility indeed! What a grand bearing young Bruce has! Baby Bruce modeled like a pro for this sort of photoshoot in an almost "I’m too cool for you way." Photo by Steph on Tumblr.

The idea that a mythical energy flows through all things, keeping them in balance, isn't new to any of us. A long time ago in a far-flung galaxy, even Han Solo scoffed at the notion that "there's one all-powerful force controlling everything." Though Franz Mesmer was laughed out of Germany and then France, one lasting legacy of his work is the practice of hypnotism. There's nothing that persuades me more of hypnotic power, nor of animal magnetism, than the eyes of Weimaraner puppies.

Look into the eyes of Weimaraner puppies!

I don't know what it is about the eyes of Weimaraner puppies, but I gaze into a pair of these baby puppy eyes and want to do whatever they tell me! Of course, the great tragedy is that dogs cannot speak human languages. Perhaps not knowing their desires puts us even further in Weimaraner puppies' thrall. Is it possible to look at this Weimaraner's face and resist his charms? No!

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Don't let those innocent eyes fool you! This Weimaraner puppy is up to mischief! Posted by bambicrime on Tumblr.

The power of this Weimaraner puppy's piercing blue eyes compels you! I want to give him treats! I want to take him outside to play! I want to hold, cradle, and fawn over all Weimaraner puppies at once! All Weimaraner puppies that have ever lived or shall ever live! There are not enough exclamation points to express my affection for this Weimaraner.

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Those piercing, hypnotic eyes! When I next looked at the clock, two hours had passed. Posted by brightskittle on Tumblr.

The next thing I knew, it was two hours later, and I'd completely forgotten to eat lunch. Weimaraner puppies have that effect on people, and have for over 200 years. So, yes, lunch. I only remembered food when I saw this Weimaraner puppy sitting in the kitchen. Then, all I wanted to do was find a dog biscuit to give him! It was another several hours of staring into his eyes before I realized it was just a puppy picture.

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This tiny fellow wants to play outside! Can you...dare you deny him? Posted by iwonttellyourname on Tumblr.

Huddled up with Weimaraner puppies

By this point, the Weimaraner puppies' hypnotic powers had consumed half of the day. It was at that point that I encountered the next cute Weimaraner puppy. I say "cute," but that doesn't really do Buddy here any justice. Weimaraner puppies are known to be crafty and sly; note that at only two months of age, he can clutch his toy and still pin you to your seat with his eyes!

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This is Buddy, cuddled up with a favorite toy! Photo by buddycuddle on Tumblr.

One Weimaraner puppy at a time was enough to render me motionless and powerless for an entire morning. Then I had the great misfortune, or good luck, depending on how you look at it, to come upon these two Weimaraner puppies huddling together for warmth beneath a blanket! The calm, serene faces of these Weimaraner puppies must have lulled me into some kind of trance. When I reached up to rub my own eyes, I found my fingernails had grown and I had a full beard!

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The pet store owners really cared what happened to the puppies after they left the store. Posted by mchelleliddle on Tumblr.

It wasn't logical. Weimaraner puppies are adorable, to be sure, but how could puppy pictures cause me to have missed an entire week of work? Speaking of logic, it was at this point I came across this photo of Spock, a Weimaraner living in Sweden. As anyone will tell you, Weimaraner puppies have an astounding amount of energy. Leave them alone too long and they'll knock over everything in the house. A glance around me confirmed that, though I don't have any Weimaraner puppies, my office was in much the same shape.

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Spock has gone and scattered all the carefully folded clothes from the dryer. My baby boy Photo by Isabella on Tumblr.

Time to go outside!

I couldn't recall the last time I'd seen the actual sun. Franz Mesmer wouldn't need a magnet to get me back on track. What I needed was a good trot outdoors; however, I still had Weimaraner puppies on the brain, so I took my laptop out on the porch with me. The power of this Weimaraner puppy's eyes is so intense, I still see them when I close my own. At least I was getting a little bit of sun!

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Can you keep up with this bundle of potential energy when it turns kinetic? Posted by filipasimao26 on Tumblr.

Deep in thought about Weimaraner puppies and animal magnetism, my mind turned toward Mesmer waving a stick around, trying to cure people. That's when I encountered Viktor, a Weimaraner puppy living in Milwaukee. I found a twig on the ground next to me, picked it up, and tossed it. "Fetch," I yelped with joy ... until I realized that I was talking to a photograph. Those eyes, though! How could I resist?

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Viktor's enjoying himself in the great outdoors. Hanging in my back yard! Pretty sweet deal. Photo by Viktor the Explorer on Tumblr.

At this point, I couldn't remember my own name, much less the last time I'd eaten anything. Whatever power Weimaraner puppies possess, I had been overwhelmed by it. Honestly, I was as happy as young Flip here. Have you ever seen a puppy happier than this one? This is pure, undiluted Weimaraner magic. That's what it is; that's what it has to be! Magic!

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Flip is having more fun than anyone ... ever. Puppies weimaraner playing by Shutterstock.

What do you think of Weimaraners?

I'll be laughed out of all the courts in Europe just like Franz Mesmer for saying that Weimaraner puppies have magical properties. Have you ever owned or simply fallen under the spell of Weimaraners? Share your thoughts, memories, and experiences in the comments!

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